colour me splattered

Leopold McGinnis, author and editor of Red Fez magazine, has been kind enough to promo my chapbook, splattered earth, on the Red Fez site. he even went to the trouble to take a photo of his copy so people could appreciate the garish red cover (why didn't i think of this?). thanks, leopold!

what is splattered earth, you ask? find out by ordering a copy right now! just click on the "paypal" icon in the sidebar. own a copy of the chapbook that has been called both "good shit" and "good crap."


- Leopold said...

Heh heh. No problem. I wouldn't have promoed it on Red Fez if I didn't think it was a great book. I'm really picky about what I put up there. Yes, people, try it out. It's 3 bucks, for crissakes! You have no excuse.

I really like the red cover. It's easily some of the finest crap of our generation.

ida said...

it makes me laugh so hard when i remember those production lines when i was harrassing people to buy your book.
ahaahhahaha you kept telling me not to be so pushy but i couldn't helo it. i'm jsut so good at it. it's a great collection. i mean it!!!!