is the hardest part

just as an update, because i haven’t posted anything in quite a while:

a poem of mine is coming out in feathertale around the end of the month. it’s about ted william’s cryogenically frozen head.

in november, those fine folk at One Cool Word will be printing a poem of mine, too. this one’s about pelicans. (they’ll also be printing a poem by liam ford).

then, in november, also, The Green Muse will be doing a profile thang on my chapbook, featuring four of its poems. they are about china, the country (though one of them does have a reference to dinnerware, also).

in other words:

1. november will be neat.
2. i write poems about strange things.
3. tom petty was right.

meanwhile, i have to figure out how to come up with a halloween costume in a country where they don’t celebrate halloween. so far i have a scraggly white beard which i extracted from a pill bottle…


Colin Stewart said...

So, should I assume that with the runaway success of Splattered Earth, your editors are hounding you for a Ghana-based sequel?

rob taylor said...

man...i love hounding myself...i hounded myself three times last night...

Amanda said...

I haven't forgotten that I'm supposed to send you the G-Roy is Mr. Lube image. It will happen, soon, hopefully. When my memory quits failing me.
If you 'dress up' for Halloween you MUST have Marta take pictures o__o