events events!

if you are on the same four or five mailing lists i am, then you already know all this. nonetheless, i'll pass it along:

Feb 2nd: ok, this has passed, but i thought it was worth noting that memewar magazine has launched its third issue, which should soon be available for free online and at these locations around Vancouver soon.

Feb. 9th: one cool word magazine is launching its fourth issue at The Lamplighter. all the details are here.

Feb. 14th: High Altitude Poetry will be hosting a Valentine's Day-themed edition of its ever-popular poetry production line at SFU's Burnaby Campus, "likely somewhere around the AQ" (see a picture of the line at work and read a production line poem here).

Feb. 15th: HAP will be following up the production line with an open mic the next night from 5-7 PM at Renaissance Cafe, Cornerstone Building, SFU Burnaby Campus.

Feb. 23rd: the World Poetry 6th Anniversary Gala is taking place at 7PM at the Alice McKay room of the Vancouver Public Library, and, as with all good things, will be free.

Always: i have labels now. it's very much fun. i just felt it needed to be said.


Jenn Ku said...

oh nathan, whoever you are, i'm so glad you never came back to claim that delectable piece of poetry...

Robyn said...

Well written article.