"and then the whole thing degenerates into anagrams" - Andrea Actis

for starters: the Geroy is Mr. Lube campaign just won't stay dead.

somewhat related: Marta is arriving in calgary from poland tonight. the adventure is officially over, and the ACCRA blog is going into hibernation, but with one last post.

not quite as related: i just wrote a poem about Don Cherry. my first poem in two months and it's about Don Cherry! does anyone know what to do with such a poem? personally, i'm stumped.

even less related: HAP's submission deadline is this Sunday. send things.

most importantly: hockey makes me sleepy. but it's a good sleepy.


Steve said...

Don Cherry poem? NEWSLETTER!! (or for wider readership, a guest post on my blog). That's gold Jerry

rob taylor said...

aight, it's yours.