next stop, hong kong!

The second issue of the Feathertale Review, an annual print supplement to Feathertale's great humour website, has been published. I'm fortunate enough to have a poem of mine, "Submission", included. My poem is accompanied by some fantastic robo-poet drawings by Anthony Swaneveld, and it looks really great - in my mind it competes only with One Cool Word's production of my poem "hook" for the nicest layout of one of my poems. In fact, the whole magazine is damn sharp. Just look at the cover:

Some sample pages can be viewed here, and copies can be bought online here for a mere 10 bucks. Apparently, the Review is available for in-store sale in Victoria, but not in Vancouver (Feathertale is based in Ontario). It's well worth the cost, with content from Greg Santos, Margaret "robo-pen" Atwood, and, most notably, the literary monstrosity that is Leopold McGinnis. It also features this hilarious maze by Matt Hammill, a copy of which has already been posted on the bulletin board at the Vancouver Maritime Museum:

I'll post my poem from the issue here in a day or two. I wrote it four years ago, during the period when we were starting up High Altitude at SFU and I was beginning to take this writing thing seriously. Needless to say, much of what I was writing then was pretty bad. The only two poems I have had published from that time (not that I submit that many of them to magazines) are "Submission" and "The Next Great Proletarian Revolution" - both rather playful, prose-y and heavily Billy Collins-influenced. I was a decent smartass before I was a decent poet, I suppose.

It's strange when something that's been kicking around for so long is finally published. Back when I wrote "Submission" I thought that it was pretty good, and that it could get published in some nifty magazine - and after four years of rejections it finally was! Now I'm submitting things I believe to be about ten-thousand times better than what I was writing four years ago and my result is a multicoloured sweater I knitted out of of all my quarter-page rejection slips. Maybe check back in four years? Forty-thousand?

Oh, and I almost forgot, THANKS, FEATHERTALE!!


Leopold said...

Hey! I'm officially a monstrosity now! I love it. Thanks!

I got my issue yesterday and, I have to say, your poem grabbed me immediately. I quite liked it. I think your work is much tighter now, but the 'magic' is definately there.

Man, it's so rare that (for me, anyway) the words Margaret Atwood and Interesting go together! But that Robo-pen...FRICKEN AWESOME! In an odd way, my respect for her has gone up! From a literary, cultural criticism level, that pen thing is retardedly effed up! I mean...why not just print the signature in the book?! It's techno-faith at its worst. But from a Zen Nihilist point of view, that's the most hilarious thing I've seen in weeks! I mean, getting a book signed by Matwood isn't that cool, but getting it signed by Matwood's robot?! Holy shit! That is awesome! I just keep picturing a stilted robot voice reading out the inscription after it's read. Rad, rad, rad.

rob taylor said...

yeah, its something, eh. i made a pledge a while back to refer to the pen thing whenever i mentioned her (see my review of "The Door").

Mike Hingston can tell this story better, but apparently Walter Gretzky has pre-photocopied greetings (with a blank space for the person's name) for the patrons of his restaurant. all he does is run around introducing himself and filling in the names on the autograph slips. technologically inferior to Atwood's strategy, but still pretty great stuff.

Leopold said...

I'm just gonna get me a fuckin' stamp made! i'll just be like SCHTICK! THWAMP! Next!