new high altitude

The March 2008 issue of High Altitude Poetry is finally online, and can be read here.

I knew the March issue featured my poem "Hasting and Carrall" (which I posted here a while ago), but I hadn't actually seen the issue yet.

I was quite touched to find that it had been dedicated to myself and Colin Stewart: a thank you to "the second generation of High Altitude Poetry from the third." It's hard to claim much of the credit, as Colin and I were only a small part of a large group of "second generation" HAPers - but considering how thin the institutional memory is in most student organizations, that one generation knows any of the members of the last is remarkable (and a testament to the firm foundations laid by all our volunteers).

In case you aren't in the loop on this, I stopped taking a lead roll in HAP when Marta and I left for Ghana in '06. When we returned I reclaimed the helm somewhat for the summer of '07, then, after a brief transitional period, left it to the "third generation" to keep SFU's poetry club and zine going - and they've been doing a helluva job.

Thanks, HAP - keep it up!

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