new email address

I don't know what made me think sticking the word "email" at the beginning of my email address was a good idea. It's tough to get a unique address with a name like Rob Taylor, and it made me a little desperate, I suppose.

Often enough people assume the "email" past is just a bizarrely placed note to them that what follows is my email address, and not part of the address itself. Because of this, the poor guy who owns "robtaylor AT gmail DOT com" has gotten a number of my emails over the last couple years, and a while ago got fed up and stopped forwarding them on to me.

It's especially been a headache during wedding preparations, with a few missed RSVPs and other similar problems.

The last straw, though, was the call yesterday from the editors of the Rocksalt Anthology wondering why I hadn't responded to a series of emails from them.

I'm really thrilled to be included in the anthology, and I can't believe I almost missed out on it because of my idiotic email address. So "emailrobtaylor(at)gmail.com" is dead. Long live:


Zachariah Wells said...

Congrats, Email. We'll be sharing space. I'm eager to see the book.

Rob Taylor said...

Yeah, I'm quite interested to seeing the results, too.

It was your note re: your acceptance that got me assuming I had been rejected, actually, as I still hadn't heard from them.