this is why you cuil your name, people

As I've noted before, much good can come from Googling your name. By Googling my name, I once found that a poem of mine had been published, without any notice to me of that fact, six months prior.

Well, now I can add "Cuiling" your name to that list of good ideas. I just gave this new search engine, Cuil, a spin, and it unearthed something that broke my previous record for unreported publishings.

Apparently the editors of the Spillway Review, an online mag out of Louisiana which (seems to have) shut down following Katrina, published a poem of mine and simply forgot to link my poem to the main page of their "Water" issue.

This happened way back in 2005, when I was first submitting to lit mags and sites. Needless to say, I was quite excited to be accepted by someone (they did send me a note saying the poem had been accepted and would be included). When nothing came of it post-Katrina, I was disappointed, but certainly understood. Looks like it was just a forgetful editor, though, not a complete collapse of the site.

Three years between publication and author "notification"... that's gotta be some kind of record.

Anyway, I went on to get the poem published in the Mutanabbi Street Memorial fundraising chapbook, so it still found a home. Little did I know at the time, it had an online home, too. Here it is:



Zachariah Wells said...

I had poems accepted by Elysian Fields Quarterly some 3+ years after submitting. Having received no rejection, I figured they just didn't think they were worth rejecting.

Rob Taylor said...

yeah - i had a 1.5 year no-response-to-publication deal with the White Wall Review at Ryerson.

a baseball review, eh? i think i heard about it years ago and then it slipped my mind.

i'm working on a couple poems on Nat Bailey Stadium... i just don't know if i'm patient enough to send them their way.

MaeganT said...

you are my hero for giving me one more way to be an egotistical bastard.

I'm not being sarcastic.

MaeganT said...

ps. when you cuil my name, I come up first with Peak stuff...but there are many people with my name so I'm also offered to search by category...

these categories are:
Explore by
Filipino Television Actors
Filipino Film Actors

I hope that isn't normal and it's just my name.

Rob Taylor said...

ha! i checked mine out and they are all pro football related.

yours are much more fun.

ps. the rodeo ones are about you, right?