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I just got my contributor's copy of the latest issue of the Nashwaak Review, which includes a couple of my poems: "it kills them too" and "story". Thanks, Nashwaak Review!

The new issue also features some solid poems by Barry Dempster, Jesse Ferguson, and Changming Yuan, among others - so head on over to Fredericton (or your nearest bookstore) and check it out.

My poems were accepted more than 9 months ago, from a submission I sent while still living in Ghana (almost 1.5 years ago, now) so my bio in the back is pretty entertaining - stating that I live in a different city than I currently do and that I have poems coming out in the Spring 2007 issue of a now-defunct magazine.

From now on I'm going to attempt to guess what my life will be like two years in the future whenever I write a personal bio.

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