anything going on tonight?

As the HYPEcycle pedals along, I have posted a poem from The Other Side of Ourselves over at One Ghana, One Voice. It's called "I Have Gone to Keta: Daytrip", and you can read it here (and my bio and Q+A on it here). If you're wondering where in the heck Keta is, you can find out here.

For those of you exhausted by all the HYPE, don't worry, it will relax soon, as my Vancouver launch is tonight and Montreal launch is on Monday. I will also be doing some readings in Toronto in late-May - details (and HYPE) on that to follow. If you live in any of those cities, I hope to see you there.

There are a number of lit events in Vancouver tonight. If you're a Van-lit-lover, here's my proposed itinerary for the evening:

5:00 - 7:00: Cross Pollination Reading Series
7:00 - 7:02: Reckless speeding across town by car/bike/hovercraft
7:02 - 9:00: "The Other Side of Ourselves" Book Launch
9:00 - 9:02: Reckless speeding across town by scooter/airplane/marsupial
9:02 - 12:00: OCW #19 Release Party
12:00 - 12:02 AM: Reckless speeding across town by rollerblade/moonboot/catapult
12:02 - 3:00 AM: Reading is Sexy Memewar Fundraiser
3:00 - 3:02 AM: Quick ride home from a designated driver (never drink and hovercraft!)

Hope to see you tonight, Vancouver!

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