homecoming hodgepodge

Hodgepodge the First:

A poem of mine, The Great Ceiling, is published in the new issue of subTerrain. The issue also contains poems by Dennis Lee, Catherine Owen, Jen Currin, Elizabeth Ross and more. Check it out in a bookstore if you get the chance.

Thanks, subTerrain!

Hodgepodge the Second:

I dropped the ball on posting readings for June. Generally speaking, you can usually look at the list from the month before and project the dates for the reading series' forward. I should be back on the ball for July. One event I want to point out, though, is the Art Sound Lab, which is happening this week (including tonight!).

Poets and musicians have been working together for months to produce collaborative works of art (view the participants here). The main concert will be on Sunday, June 19th at 8 PM at the SFU Woodward's building. You can view a full schedule here.

Hodepodge the Third:

Two local magazines have submission calls/contests out now that are worth noting.

First, subTerrain is looking to get together 125 poems on Vancouver for Vancouver's 125th birthday. Don't tell me that you don't have any inspiration right now. That said, maybe let's keep the share of the poems that are riot-related down to 75%, alright? The deadline is June 30th, and the details are here.

Second, Geist has an erasure contest on - it looks like a lot of fun. Take a gander here.

Hodgepodge the Fourth:

A Canadian Goodreads has just been released into the world. It's called Canadian Bookshelf. The Other Side of Ourselves hasn't made it into their system yet, so you'll just have to be patient with your 5-star ratings and gushing reviews...

A cute feature they've included is a "Cover Shuffle Challenge", which has you guess the names of books based on pictures of their covers. I got 16/24 without hints. I need to get out more. See if you need to get out more by taking the challenge here.

Hodgepodge the Fifth:

Worrying about next year's grant applications? Have no fear, the Arty Bollocks Generator is here.

Hodgepodge the Sixth:

How to deal with those noisy people at the back of the coffee shop who walked in during a poetry reading and for some reason didn't decide to leave, courtesy of Ray Hsu:

For next year's Cup run, I recommend we unleash an army of dancing Ray Hsu-bots to calm the rioters.

I hope everyone got home safe last night. If you want to help with the cleanup this morning, get info here.

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