Hey Vancouver poets, here's a chance to ekphrasise your pants off. The show closes at the end of the month, so act quick! The press release:


Call for Submissions:

As visual artists we recognize the importance of writing in relationship to the art as a document of the discussion. Artwork is never self-contained once it has been exhibited; it is open for interpretation, inspection, reaction and reprocessing. Our goal with art has always been the inciting of conversation and discussion.

We’re looking for writers to collaborate with us on the catalogue for our most recent exhibition at the gallery, Randy Grskovic’s Reoccurring Themes. We are going to be printing a newsprint periodical with documentation from the exhibition and are accepting writing to accompany the images. What we’re searching for is a response to the artwork itself. Each piece has it’s own story/context. It could be in the way of a review of the physical piece, an idea sparked by the work. A previously written work that relates to a certain theme… a poem… a drawing… a post it note… whatever… It could be positive; it could be negative. It could be real; it could be fiction. It could be short; it can be long.

Our main goal is to collaborate with writers on this project. If you would like to have a conversation with us please let us know and we can start the process.

The work can be viewed on weekends from 12pm – 6pm or by appointment. Please feel free to email us and make an appointment:


The show closes on October 30th and the deadline for submissions will be no later than November 6th.

More information about the exhibition can be found here:


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