Evelyn Lau wants your toonies

Word Vancouver (formerly Word on the Street) is focusing this year's festival on poetry (follow the money, amiright?). As part of their efforts they hope to set up poetry vending machines around the city. It's not the first time this has been done (Toronto Poetry Vendors, for instance, or the one in the photo below, from LA), but so far as I know this would be a first for Vancouver.

Word is hoping to fund their "Automated Poetry Projecy" through a just-launched Indiegogo campaign. They are offering leftover reader goodie-bags (I got one a couple years back - there's some good stuff in there!) in exchange for small donations, and they will name a vending machine after you if you pony up the big bucks. So you can check that one off your bucket list.

Here's Evelyn Lau, Vancouver's poet laureate, explaining to someone's cellphone how the project will work and why it matters:

Check out that Indiegogo campaign and get donating, or at the very least start saving up your toonies...

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