no amount of looking would make that pilgrim's art / make sense

When I approached Daniel Karasik with a request to republish his poem "The Pilgrim Looks Up" on One Ghana, One Voice, I mentioned that I was also considering writing a “How Poems Work” essay on it. Daniel sent me a reply confirming he was happy to have the poem republished, and even went so far as to offer me his own take on a “How Poems Work” essay for “The Pilgrim Looks Up.” It was two words long: It doesn’t.

So begins my new How Poems Work essay over at One Ghana, One Voice. Needless to say, I reject his summary (almost) completely, and go from there.Thanks to Daniel for being a sport with this.

You can read the whole thing here:

How Poems Work #7: Rob Taylor on Daniel Karasik's "The Pilgrim Looks Up"

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