Poetry in Voice (in Vancouver!)

That's right, everyone's favourite Scott Griffin-sponsored poetry event (deal with it, GPP), Poetry in Voice, is coming to Vancouver on May 9th. If you aren't familiar with Poetry in Voice, it's a poetry recitation contest open to high school students from across Canada, with the winner taking home a staggering $25,000 (which almost seems as unfathomable an amount to a high school student as it does to a poet). You can view videos from past competitions here to get a sense.

The competition has been ongoing for months as students have advanced their way from their class, to their grade, to their school, etc. and will culminate in the National Finals on May 9th at 7 PM at the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre (149 West Hastings) in Vancouver.

There will be plenty of local participation, with ten BC students making the finals in the English, French and Bilingual streams (including one who is taught by my former English teacher - go Diane Silzer!), so why not go out there and cheer them on?

Tickets are $10 (I'm guessing that's much cheaper than the Griffin Prize gala), and can be bought here.

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