PRISM 53.2 - Launched!

My second issue as Poetry Editor at PRISM international, PRISM 53.2, has been released. We had no formal launch for this one, and therefore no photos of my mother recreating the issue cover (though I would love to watch you climb an ice wall, Mom!), but it still feels terribly good to know that it's out in the world.

The poetry in the issue ended up splitting down the middle between very well-established poets who I've long admired (Robyn Sarah, Don Coles, Russell Thornton, Alice Major, etc.) and brand-new-to-me writers (Susan Alexander, Stephanie Yorke, Laurelyn Whitt), including a translation of Italian poet Marina Moretti. You can read the whole table of contents here.

The issue opens with five poems from Robyn Sarah, my editor at Cormorant Books for The Other Side of Ourselves, and to my mind one of our country's very best poets. To promote the issue, Robyn agreed to answer a few questions of mine about her poems in the issue, her forthcoming collection My Shoes Are Killing Me, and the development of her writing style. You can read that here:

“Sequencing a collection is like writing one last poem”: An Interview with Robyn Sarah

I've also posted to the PRISM website a poem from Laurelyn Whitt's "Tar Songs" series (one of two included in the issue):

“Tar Songs: Maestro” by Laurelyn Whitt

While I go on and on about the poetry, the prose, assembled by editor Nicole Boyce, is excellent, including new work by Amanda Leduc, Ayelet Tsabari and Trisha Cull, among others.

If any of the above interests you, please think about ordering an issue or a subscription. I've got two more issues to go after this, and I promise I'll do my best to pack some good reading in there!

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