2015 silaron year in review: the interviews

2015 was my busiest year for interviews yet. After seven in 2013, and six in 2014, I jumped up to nine this year - ten if you count the short interviews I included in my essay on Elise Partidge's book launch (which I have, because this is my blog and I can do whatever I damn well want).

As a loyal silaron reader, I'm sure you've already read them all multiple times, and made extensive notes, but just as a refresher here they are again:

February 2015: Sequencing a Collection is Like Writing One Last Poem: An Interview with Robyn Sarah

"Sometimes the former self knows that a phrase or image is significant, but doesn’t know why: I have to live longer before I see what it signifies." - Robyn Sarah

April 2015: Like Talking About the Skeleton Without Talking About the Flesh: Don't Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something by Paul Vermeersch

"If people enjoy this book or that book, there are too many variables to say why exactly, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable assuming it’s because the writing is more or less experimental or more or less lyrical. That seems too much like brand loyalty to me. I like to think readers are more sophisticated than that." - Paul Vermeersch

April 2015: Motionpoems: An Interview with Todd Boss

"We began with the aim of making poetry more accessible to readers who increasingly get their content from screens, but our mission has changed in recent years. Now we just want to make great art." - Todd Boss

May 2015: Reading Elise Partridge

"Elise gave and gave and gave careful, meticulous, loving attention—to her poems, to others’ poems, to friends and family, strangers, anyone she met.” - Barbara Nickel

July 2015: Using the Tools at Hand: Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra by Elena Johnson

"All that to say that on that particular day I imagined a helicopter search and hoped they’d find us alive." - Elena Johnson

August 2015: Hello Flowers: Transmitter and Receiver by Raoul Fernandes

"There was a shift in proportion when we were in the city, we felt smaller, and I think it was important to me to feel small at times." - Raoul Fernandes

September 2015: Bassackwards and Geezly and Paralyzed: Waiting for the Albatross by Sandy Shreve

"For me, it’s been a lifelong journey, coming to terms with that loss. I’ve gone from rage at my Dad for dying – and thinking of him as an awful person – to embracing him as all but perfect." - Sandy Shreve

October 2015: Lake Chains in the Tennis Courts: Hastings-Sunrise by Bren Simmers

"Sometimes we need to fully embrace a place before we can let go of it." - Bren Simmers

October 2015: Let Your Inner Dude Out: Jabbering with Bing Bong by Kevin Spenst

"All this is to say that, yes, I’m a bit of a control freak." - Kevin Spenst

December 2015: The Long Route to Expression: Foreign Park by Jeff Steudel

"I started with love poems, for sure, really bad ones, I think, but the long route to expression can be, and probably should be, a messy one." - Jeff Steudel

Happy New Year, all. See you in 2016!

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