Margaret Atwood wants to give you her money

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Well, sort of. She insists you donate her money to the Al Purdy A-frame, and you have to donate an equal amount yourself. And I'm pretty sure she keeps the tax receipt for her half. But still, neat eh?

If you make a donation to the A-frame before March 15th, Margaret Atwood will match your donation (up to $5,000 in total donations). You can donate here.

I've been stumping for the A-frame for some time now, but this particular call is a special one, and not just because you get to shake Margaret down for a few bucks in the process.

In April, my wife, myself and our eight-month old son will be heading to the A-frame for a two month stay (!!!).

It's a rarity that a writer residency will support you traveling with your family, which bars all but the most wealthy and/or neglectful of parents of young children from attending. Thankfully, the A-frame residency is a different beast, and is very welcoming to our situation.

The A-frame is still very much a "fixer upper", but fixes are being made all the time. New insulation was added to the A-frame last year to avoid frozen-baby-syndrome, and I've even heard rumours of a crib under construction!

One big essential-to-writers-with-infants repair job is currently underway: the restoration of Al's writing shed (pictured below, w/ sleek muscle man, dog, lady in orange shirt, etc.).

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If you need to know why having a space for writing detached from the house will be essential for me, well, you've never lived with an infant, have you? You lucky, lucky, hopelessly naive people. I remember being one of you only just last year.

So, if you donate not only will Margaret Atwood thank you, and the ghost of Al Purdy thank you, but I will thank you as well!

To donate you can send a cheque to:

The Al Purdy A-frame Association
4403 West 11th Ave
Vancouver BC
V6R 2M2

Or via PayPal here or CanadaHelps here.

Now go spend Margaret's money, alright?

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