Łazienki Park chapbook + more - Subscription Deadline October 1st!

My new chapbook, Łazienki Park, which I blogged about a couple months back, is nearing publication. The deadline for subscriptions for the series is October 1st (postmarked or e-transfer). That's very soon!

The details are in the image above, or on the Alfred Gustave Press website. The other chapbooks are going to be damn fantastic (Connie Braun, Russell Thornton, Bibiana Tomasic) and you can get all four for $15.

And if you're really keen on chapbooks, consider becoming an AG Press patron (Sorry, I've gone full-PBS-pledge-drive, I know. I can't help myself!). For a donation of $50 or more, you receive a lifetime subscription to the press.

Is that an unreasonably good deal?


So do it.

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