I have never been here before

One Sunday in Halifax some years ago, Ted and I were walking a bending street, along which the stores etc. were closed. We were in the city for some literary purpose and headed for the site of same. We peered into some closed pizzeria or other food emporium and saw a big oven upon which was to be seen the word BLODGETT. A few steps later, we looked through the plate glass next door and saw a single word on a large card: POETRY. I looked accusingly at the person with me. He looked back and said, “I have never been here before.”

- George Bowering, reminiscing as part of a very lovely tribute to E.D. Blodgett published in the Ormsby Review. Other contributors include Heidi Greco, Christopher Levenson, Susan McCaslin, Daniela Elza and Ted's family members. You can read the whole thing here.

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