hockey and hobbes

here's something i submitted to The Peak as a feature. by the end of the week it somehow came out as a letter to the editor.

there are always a lot of cardboard boxes around The Peak office. i'm beginning to suspect they have a transmogrifier.

anyway, here is the feature/letter. hell, maybe it's a chicken by now. or a panther.

Everything I need to know about suburbia I learned from Port Moody hockey

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Ag said...

Hey Robbie,
Even your feature/letters (fletters?) sound like poetry. I love this:
Suburbs are fools in love with themselves. They get nervous and sweaty when they are around themselves. They stay up at night dreaming of their first kiss with themselves. They don’t notice you when you pass them on the sidewalk, as they are busy thinking about themselves. You want to interrupt their daydreaming, but they seem so happy that you just let them go, even though you know they will inevitably go and break their own hearts. Then they’ll drown their sorrows in expensive beers and you’ll have to drive them home in their SUV.

Mmmm...I might love it because I can actually relate up until the expensive beer bit. We all know I drown my sorrows in cheap beer.