things for you to know (and tell others)

one cool word magazine is holding a fundraiser at cafe deux soleils on commercial on tuesday night. 5 bucks gets you some music, rc weslowski and a performance by barbara "the-reason-i-come-to-the-defence-of-slam-poetry" adler. she's worth the five bucks all on her own. take a gander for yourself here (click "Watch").

i will most likely be there, and if you let me know, i'll save you a seat (i'll do a better job at this if i'm there, of course, but i'll try either way).

also, high altitude poetry is having a reading in the AQ gardens at SFU this wednesday at 1 pm. it's supposed to be sunny so it should be a swell time.

oh, and if you feel like reading a poem, read this one. it is admired by the rob taylors and mike hingstons of the world alike.

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Ag said...

Hey Robbie,
I can finally comment. I like your poetry. And this whole Saturdays in the Park thing is awesome. Like 'sweep the nation and then the globe and the universe' awesome. Why didn't you come up with this last year? When I was there. Other than that minor complaint - awesome!