3 poems

when it rains...

three of my poems from the new issue of Red Fez:

the successful people of this world


To a girl, distraught, having just lost her first love

if you have the time, read the rest of the issue. it's certainly worth it.


dockcurrie said...

You see the boy every now and again,

smack Liam for me,

tell him his poetry made my day brighter

He took away my fucking bright, and I'm going to blitzkreig him unless he rectifies the situation!

dockcurrie said...

Your work also makes me content,

I simply spoke of Liam, exclusively, because the squeaky wheel (the blog that is no more) gets the grease

The Teacher said...

Wicked awesome. Congratulations!

rob taylor said...

multiple comments. astounding. its all about monty python pics.

i'm pushing for a return of the handicap ramp myself, as liam is about as talented as they come. i don't know if i'll be able to crack him, though.

liam, are you crackable?

Anonymous said...

i smoke rocks

and seeing dock currie's cock ruined my will to write

congrats rob!!!


rob taylor said...

i have to comment on my blog about liam's, which is back.

silly hat parties for all! i'm very pleased.