water, rocks, cool words

sorry for the paucity of posts lately. i was in the rockies with family taking pictures and writing far too few poems. just got home today.

got a poem coming out in the 2nd issue of one cool word ("what a robin thinks", read it here), and i will be reading at the mag launch in 2 days:

july 28th, 2006
one cool word magazine launch
9:00 PM, Backstage Lounge
10 bucks, 12 at door

[The set list, if ya missed it:
Haiku 1-4
for you, in sunlight
To a girl, distraught, having just lost her first love
i just noticed
michael jordan]

bloody expensive, and mostly music (though good music), so i'll understand if many don't make the trek out to see it, but liam ford, colin stewart, and i all have 15 minute sets, so it should be a good evening. i'll be reading around 11:50, by the looks of it, though the schedule might just fall to hell (as they usually seem to), so who knows.

if you want to go, and are travelling from the eastern suburbs, a carpool might be possible.


Jenn Ku said...

arghhh! jku here. back with a vengence... trying to poetry again...

i do want to join the car pool... make some space for me!

rob taylor said...

jku is a pirate now? welcome aboard!

Ken Yong said...

Expensive? Perhaps. But keep in mind you also get a free copy of the magazine, with a compilation CD, which is worth $12 on the magazine rack.

When you factor that in, it's one hell of a bargain! ;)

Great poem in the mag Rob, looking forward to hearing you perform it.

rob taylor said...

you get a free copy of the mag? its a steal then. damn.

so i retract my previous statement. i will not understand anyone not taking the trek out.

it will utterly baffle me.

Ken Yong said...


You have understand Rob Taylor is in this magazine! This baby is going to be a COLLECTORS ITEM!