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I just came across this site that lets you track your submissions to lit mags - and through that hold the mags accountable:


It lets you keep track of when your submissions are sent and responded to, and how they are received (acceptance or rejection, personal comments or form letter, etc.)

More importantly, they then compile the data so you can search magazines by rate of acceptance, speed of reply, etc. For instance, members of the site report Contemporary Verse 2 as taking 235 days on average to respond to submissions, while remark takes a mere 2.3 days. Neat, eh?

Also, they've just added a section for High Altitude Poetry which, apparently, accepts "Literary" and "Experimental" poetry:


The HAP posting still needs more contributors before its stats can become active, so if you're interested, sign up and get involved.

p.s. One Ghana, One Voice launches on Saturday. Terribly exciting.


Anna said...

That tracking site is a really neat idea - and I love how HAP is listed. :) Glad to see it's still going strong. Hope you're doing super - I'm loving all the poems you published in the March issue. Cheers!

rob taylor said...


thanks for the note!

re: duotrope, im mostly impressed by how much effort they put into the process, such as the detail on the HAP listing - hopefully if a number of us start using it it will be that much more effective.

are you coming home in the summer?