one of the sad little things that gives my life meaning (feat. pre-installed microsoft clipart)

three blogs i edit or co-edit are on track to reach 10,000 hits at almost exactly the same time. as of this posting, the race looks like this:

spread it like a roll of nickels: 9,700
Saturdays in the Park: 9,566
One Ghana, One Voice: 9,200

who will make it first? here are the current odds:

silaron: 2:1
SitP: 9:1
OGOV: 3:1

"Insider's Scoop" with Rob Taylor:

"Personally, I'd put my money on OGOV. It's a full year younger than its competitors and known to pick up speed down the backstretch, having doubled its readership over the last month. In all likelihood it will be a photo-finish between silaron and OGOV, so milk those odds and go with OGOV."

place your bets!


Steve said...

Go Banana!!

Mathemagician said...

1 vote for SILOARON. There are a lot of people out there trying to get the world right these days.

rob taylor said...

thanks for the confidence...perhaps that extra O will put SILARON over the top...or the stat-inflating hits from gamblers...what do you think you are, an NBA ref?

race update:

silaron: 9,815
SitP: 9,593
OGOV: 9,331

rob taylor said...

Race Update:

SitP tried to rally with the line "ARMIES WILL LAY DOWN THEIR ARMS AND WAIL AT THE PALE, YELLOW MOON!", but failed to gain much traction.

OGOV has been faltering of late but is, as predicted, picking up speed. It just might be too late, however, as silaron is already coming down the home stretch.

the latest numbers:

silaron: 9,897
SitP: 9,635
OGOV: 9,546