bridge over garfunkel's philtrum

Man, that's a hell of a mustache ol' Art's been growing...isn't it?

The poor guy can't do anything on his own. I have a poem about this mustachioed gentleman entitled "nothing against art garfunkel", which just came out in the new issue of Acta Victoriana, a lit journal out of Victoria College (U of T).

I first came across Acta Victoriana while looking for an online version of "Concerning Ms. Atwood" by Al Purdy for a review of Atwood's latest collection which I was writing for The Peak.

I haven't gotten my hands on a copy of the new issue of Acta, yet, and I'm not sure if they'll be publishing things online, but if they do, I'll be sure to post the link here [update: I've posted the poem - you can read it here].


online sports writing jobs said...

I have never heard of Acta Victoriana but i sure would like to get my hands on a few copies of issues, probably a few of the previous ones and the coming ones as well is this available on their website? even the previous issues?

I cant wait for you to post the poem if i don't get my hand on them or if i forget about since i check your blog regularly i cant forget much!

Or have you posted it and the link just does not seem to work?

Thanks for letting us know about Acta Victoriana


Rob Taylor said...

Viv (or should I say, "onlinesportswritingjobs"?),

Thanks for the note.

I don't know about Acta's plans for putting things online, though it looks like they are preparing to do that...

As for my poem, it is up on the site, and you can link to it off that very last link in the post above.