precisely the problem

Piere Poilievre, Conservative MP: Frankly, Dominic is jumping up and down today with the conspiratorial fervour of someone who has just solved the Kennedy assassination...what we are talking about here in reality is the equivalent of divvying up a restaurant deal and adding the GST to each individual tab.

Don Newman, CBC Politics Host: Alright, Dominic, what do you have to say to that?

Dominic LeBlanc, Liberal MP:
Don, it’s a nice analogy. The only problem is that the people who were, in fact, receiving these invoices weren’t at the dinner. The Conservative candidates, Elections Canada believes, weren’t in the restaurant, they weren’t even waiting in the bar for a table, Don. So they’re dividing up a restaurant bill...

Poilievre: They had the meal!

...amongst people...they’re dividing up the...Elections Canada says they didn’t in fact eat the meal...

They did have the meal.

...that’s precisely the problem.

- our beloved representatives discussing the Conservative ad scandal on Thursday, April 26th's edition of Politics.

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