homecoming hodgepodge

We're back in town, swine flu free. Now it's time to wade through the piles of mail, phone messages and emails that have piled up...

I was happy to come home to my contributor's copies of the new "Form" issue of subTERRAIN, which I am looking forward to reading through thoroughly. I have two poems in the issue, a list poem titled "Wintering" and a triolet titled "Viaticum". Of what I've read so far, the flash fiction pieces by Taryn Hubbard and Michael Sasi have impressed me the most.

It was very nice to be included in the issue. Thanks, subTERRAIN! Last Spring I took a formal poetry course taught by Aislinn Hunter and I've become increasingly interested in certain forms - especially the glosa and sonnet - since then (Zach Wells' Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets gets some credit for my interest in the latter form, too). It was for the Hunter course, in fact, that I wrote "Viaticum", and another poem from the course, a glosa titled "Enough of this", is included in the new issue of One Cool Word.

What a segue!

One Cool Word is launching its new issue (featuring my glosa!) tomorrow night! 8:00 PM at The Biltmore. Music by Creaking Planks, The Contemporary Lovers, Fur Bearing Animals, and Analog Bell Service. All the details are here.

Also, the Robson Reading Series has Indran Amirthanayagam reading this Thursday and Robert Bringhurst a week later. 7:00 PM at the UBC Downtown libary. More details here.

And lastly, this is cooool.

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