Michael Buble on the Canucks...

I was disgusted... I am usually a bubbly person. Can you hear how dejected and crushed I am? I feel absolutely ripped off... It affected me in every way. I sat and cried. My manager, Bruce [Allen], called me and I could hear it in his voice... I believed more than anyone. My manager cancelled his holidays. Bruce Allen cancelled his holidays because he believed so much in the Canucks. I think he was going to go to Africa on some kind of safari with his girlfriend and he cancelled it because he really thought they were going to go places and so did I... God help me — I want to swear right now — I do not know what that coach was thinking... I think that even now when I talk to you about this, I am raw. I am hurt. It’s very new, but it’s like having a girl break your heart.

God help him, indeed. Read the whole interview here.

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