an act of resistance to the state

For me, poetry has no point in existing if it’s not to be a prompt or aid to political and ethical change. This is not to say that a poem should be political or ethical instruction, but rather that it might engender a dialogue between the poem itself and the reader / listener, between itself and other poems and texts, and between all of these and a broader public (whatever that might be). I see myself as a poet activist—every time I write a poem, it is an act of resistance to the state, the myriad hierarchies of control, and the human urge to conquer our natural surroundings.

- from "Vermin: A Notebook" by John Kinsella, in the December 2009 issue of Poetry Magazine (which also includes these great poems).

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daniela elza said...

yes, I agree, the very act of writing a poem is a statement, a claim to freedom. a staking out, shall we say. :-) which right away makes it an act of resistance to control, a political act.