me.... eat.... poetry....

New Vancouver poetry magazine Poetry is Dead (home to the freakiest homepage photo I've ever seen on a poetry mag's site), is launching its first issue soon. "But poetry is dead!" you say? Well, yes, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Zomparelli seems to agree with you, but also believes it will rise from the grave, like one of those Jane Austen mash-ups.

The PiD team is using some familiar tactics in their attempt to ressurect the dead: poems, reviews, interviews, essays and local event listings. Still, here's hoping they pull it off, and poetry is soon feasting on innocent Vancouver brains.

They already have some content up, including a review of Rocksalt with some nice things to say about both the book and my contribution. If you like what you see on the site, their first paper issue is launching on February 7th. All the details are here.

Ok, Zombie Haiku time:

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