Sunday Afternoon with Dead Poets

I've long promoted David Zieroth's Dead Poets readings, both at their current location and at the now-defunct Upstart Crow Books. Each time I learn about new (well, for me) poets, and hear familiar poets in new ways. Not enough reason to go? Well, I'll be reading this time! Still not enough? Hmm... I'll let you take the SeaBus with me for free? Gotta love bring-a-friend Sundays!

Seriously, dudes, you should come.

I'll be sticking to my pledge and reading Al Purdy, promoting the A-Frame Trust and Anthology (which rob mclennan recently blogged about here) as best I can. I'm open to suggestions of what to read - I only have one "must read", his "Untitled" from To Paris Never Again. Let me know if there's something you'd like to hear.

The details:
Sunday Afternoon with Dead Poets 2
Sunday, January 24, 2:00-4:00 p.m.
The Café for Contemporary Art
140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver
One block up from the Lonsdale Quay and Seabus

Charles Bruce read by Sandy Shreve
Edwin Muir read by Christopher Levenson
R. S. Thomas read by Russell Thornton
Al Purdy read by Rob Taylor
Nazim Hikmet read by Kate Braid


JuliaKoponick said...

If I lived closer I would be there. :-) Well, I would need to know where my birth certificate was too, so I could get back into the US after the reading. :-)

Rob Taylor said...

And a blood test, and a retinal scan...

daniela elza said...

i would love to join you for the free seabus ride. for the poetry reading I mean.
actually it will not be a free ride for me since i am paying for my U-pass at SFU, but i do not go there at all so i cannot pick it up to use it.

ironic? yup. I am sure that can be a topic for a post somewhere, although i have wasted enough time trying to wrap my brain and tuition around it.

but seriously, lets talk closer to the time. it will be great to come see you and all the others.

Rob Taylor said...

Ha! Sounds good!

I think at the start of a semester you can get them done at Harbour Center, no?