poetry in transit contest results

The winners have been announced in the ABPBC's Poetry in Transit contest that I mentioned a while back. I cheated a bit and submitted a poem from my manuscript (instead of an essay), which managed to snag one of the three runner-up awards - the very cool prize of some PiT buscards! I think I'll post them on my bathroom walls, add a few handrails to the room, and maybe hook the toilet handle to a pull cord that's strung along the walls. Next stop! Anyway, I digress...

The winner of the first prize of sixteen(!) books of poetry was SheLa E. Nefertiti Morrison (who, I assume, has also won a few "best name" contests in her time), though if you read her entry I think you'll see that Fiona Tinwei Lam is an equally big winner!

A contest summary and SheLa's full winning entry can be read here.

Thanks, ABPBC!

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