"Lyric" is in the mail!

My new chapbook is in the mail! If you ordered a copy, expect it to arrive soon! Hurrah!

While I'm posting, two interweb-things:

1. How Pedestrian is posting some great Nick Thran poems and readings this week. Check it out here.

2. Join the Poetry Pipeline! It's an online poetry-protest of the Northern Gateway Pipeline, organized by Christine Leclerc. Elizabeth Ross conducted an interview with Leclerc about the project, and you can read that here.

Krissy Darch's "her body is the land", previously published at OGOV, is already part of the pipeline. Maybe you should add a poem?

Now go play in the snow, you crazy kids!


Anonymous said...

How does one get ahold of this "Chap" "Book"?

Rob Taylor said...

One orders it two months ago, sadly. Subscription only...

But what kind of a self-respecting CanPo-dophile are you if you weren't already subscribing to the best deal around?

Thanks for the interest, tho :)

daniela elza said...


don't you get a few copies of your own to sell?
at readings? etc

daniela elza said...

submitted two poems for the pipeline

Rob Taylor said...

I get a small number, but they're already earmarked for certain family members and friends who missed the deadline...