visible verse adds a digit

Everyone's favourite video poem festival is back for its tenth(!) year, at the Pacific Cinematheque. It will run on November 19th and 20th, with the shows starting at 7 PM each night.

If you haven't experienced it before, here's the blurb:

Pacific Cinémathèque and Vancouver poet, author, musician and media artist Heather Haley celebrate 10 years of Visible Verse! First presented at Pacific Cinémathèque in 2000, when the event was known as the Vancouver Videopoem Festival, Visible Verse is a special annual program devoted to video poetry (also known as poetry film or cine-poetry), a hybrid creative form that integrates verse with media-art visuals produced by a camera or a computer. This year, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Visible Verse features an expanded two-day festival program made up of screenings (including both retrospective and current works), live spoken-word/poetry performances, and a panel discussion.

More info here. And to get you excited, both about the festival and about trees (and yes, I mean "excited" in that way) here's a video by Heather Haley herself:


Heather Haley said...

Thanks Rob! See you there, I hope.

daniela elza said...

thanks Rob,

for spreading the word.s
my piece "in earth dreams"
(in collab with Dethe) is showing on the 20th.

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they could use some editing on the webiste:-)
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Rob Taylor said...

The spam posts... They're everywhere... I delete them as fast as I can, but there're too many of them... Send reinforcements... I can't hold out much - AAAAH!