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Hard to believe, I know, but I've posted two poems and the afterword to Lyric on my website.

The poems are "The Party" and "Early Rain". Thanks go to Riddle Fence and subTerrain, respectively, for publishing the poems previously.

The afterword can be read here. Thanks, of course, goes to The Alfred Gustav Press for publishing both the poem "Lyric" and its afterword in my recent chapbook.

Afterwords are a required feature of each chapbook in the Alfred Gustav series. If that wasn't the case, I wouldn't have written one. That said, I'm glad I did. The poem is an extended glosa "about the loss of a father and the lessons on love and language that follow" (thank you, back-page bumf!), and the afterword continues working on those themes, if in a slightly more technical fashion.

Hope you enjoy!

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