it's here!

I'm a little bit excited.

If you're wondering what I'm excited about, you clearly don't read this blog too often. You can get info on the book here, and on the Vancouver book launch (May 14th!) here.


daniela elza said...

Ok, I think this photo should be on the launch poster. Cannot be expressed in words. :-)
Let me know when I will be running into you soon, so I can get my copy from you. With that photo, signed.

Rob Taylor said...

Ha! I'll tape it over the bio page on all the copies at the launch :)

Dethe said...

Congratulations! I know you're trying to keep you're cool about this, but don't be afraid to show your excitement. Really let it out.

Very happy for you.

Rob Taylor said...

I appreciate your suggestion, Dethe, but I'm trying to maintain the dignity of the profession.

For instance, when I said "profession" there, I didn't put it in quotation marks. Dignified!

Thanks for the well wishes!

Anonymous said...

Awe-some photo!