a little foolishness for everyone

For those of you who, I dunno, really doubt James Moore's competence and judgment - fair enough, given his recent track record - to be clear, yesterday's post was an April Fool's prank.

If you were wondering how I did it, I used this (now go have fun with the internet!).

Yesterday also marked the launch of a number of "National Poetry Month" projects. Gotta love that our national month starts on our day devoted to practical jokes. Has it been a trick this whole time and I've just never caught on?

Anyway, chief among the new projects: Harriet is back! The blog whose death I lamented less than a year ago has brought back its original format where actual people give actual opinions. Hurrah!

Contributors for the month include Canada's own Sina Queyras, who brought some great interviews to Harriet last time she blogged for them. So far everyone has just done their opening "I like what you've done with the place..." posts, but hopefully things will pick up soon.

Also this month, the League of Canadian Poets has started a National Poetry Month blog, which will feature a whack of Canadian poetry between now and the 30th. If you like your poetry experimental, Angel House Press is offering something similar at NationalPoetryMonth.ca.

It's our only month for poetry, people - so enjoy it! It'll be a long eleven months until you get another chance...

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