a place that you can go to and a phrase to remember

Brad Frenette, National Post: A lot of your lyrics deal with the [theological] side of things. Your book has an angel in it. What do you believe in?

Josh Ritter: In terms of belief, I would have to say that the things that I believe in the most are songs. I believe that its important to have a place that you can go to and a phrase to remember. Like a pill, almost, that you can take when you need it. Leonard Cohen, he's better than most doctors. That's one thing. I also find that, as Bill Hicks says - the comedian - 'it's better to deal with the light in everybody and forget about the middle man.' And I find that to be very true, and more and more I find that a lot of times to be a writer, to be an artist, to do anything creative in our lives, whether we consider it art or not, we have to ask serious questions. And I find that the more entrenched religion becomes the more difficult it is to ask those questions.

- Musician and novelist Josh Ritter, in interview with the National Post for their sadly now-defunct Arts podcast (you can still download old episodes from iTunes, including one with silaron favourite Kae Sun).


daniela elza said...

Very well put. Art as the exploration of serious questions.

daniela elza said...

PS Ok, whether we consider it art or not...