ride them like a horse

Student: How do you go about writing a poem?

Robert Frost: Well, first something has to happen to you. Then you put some words on a piece of paper and ride them like a horse until you have a poem.

Student: I think I should set myself a program and write two, four, even six hours a day, whether I feel like it or not. Do you think that’s a good program?

Frost: It sounds like a good program. I’m sure it’ll improve your handwriting.

Student (angered): I’m serious.

Frost: I’m serious, too. You want me to give you the truth wrapped in a bundle so that you can put it under your arm and take it home and open it when you need it. Well, I can’t do that. The truth wouldn’t be there anymore.

- Robert Frost, whipping up some bust-posing banter at the Harry Ransom Center. You can read the article the quote comes from here. Thanks to Don Share for pointing this out.

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