here I am counting nonetheless - Layton Centenary Celebration this Sunday!

Three - David Zieroth
          in memory of Irving Layton

Anyone could cease any time: an irreversible fact
of the universe, and today an old poet died
          and while his poems are known worldwide
          for me his death summons up this act: 
a girlfriend writing in his book (a gift to me 
36 years ago) asking that I think of her, her plea

not to go un-noted into the night.
Then another call: another frail man
          a dear friend’s father, began
          his journey away from us, a flight
we could not take, not yet, though 
when we leave exactly no one’s allowed to know.

My mother said death comes in threes.
I can’t believe such talk, such a superstitious
          view altogether too pernicious
          for a modern man like me.
But here I am counting nonetheless, almost
sure I’ll not be one of the new-made ghosts.

         January 4, 2006
Immense thanks to David Zieroth for letting me share this poem of his as a warm-up for the Irving Layton 100th birthday bash that the DPRS reading series team is hosting tomorrow at Project Space. The details again:

Dead Poets Reading Series
Irving Layton 100th Birthday Party
Sunday, March 11th, 3:00 - 5:00 PM
Project Space
222 E Georgia Street, Vancouver
Featuring: Russell Thornton, Sandy Shreve, Heidi Greco, and more, reading the poems of Irving Layton
By Donation (free snacks/deserts!)

Click here to see the full list or readers, or just come out tomorrow and be surprised!

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