The Other Side of Ourselves @ The Vancouver Book Club (and Photo Contest!)

For those of you who are overwhelmed by posters (so yellow!), the details are:

Vancouver Book Club
The Other Side of Ourselves by Rob Taylor
April 29th, 2012, 2:00 - 4:00 PM
The Waldorf Hotel
1489 East Hastings St., Vancouver
Featuring: A reading and Q+A with me, and also snacks and good company
Free, and open to new participants!

Please help spread the word, and do try to make it out if you can. It would be wonderful to see some silaron regulars out there, throwing tricky questions at me!

In addition to the book club gathering itself, Vancouver is Awesome is hosting a multi-instalment TOSOO-inspired photo contest, in which participants are asked to submit photos that are inspired by my poems. I know, unbelievably cool, eh?

Here's how ViA explains it:

As part of our spring book selection, the Vancouver Book Club is running a poetry-inspired photo contest. Each week we’ll post one of Rob Taylor’s poems from his book, The Other Side of Ourselves, and we’re asking you to create and send us a photo influenced by the poem. Maybe it’s just one line that inspires you to create your image, or maybe it’s the poem as a whole that gets your creative juices going. The following week we’ll post all of the entries we receive, and at our event in April we’ll choose the winner.

There will be prizes! Or at the very least, "prize"! The first poem for the photo contest is the first poem of the book, "The Wailing Machines". To read the poem and learn how to enter the contest, check out the ViA post on the event.

Oh, and did I mention: !!!!!!

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daniela elza said...

Great idea about the photos. Sent three for the first one.
Will be sharpening some questions for you. They might even have something to do with chickens and eggs.