desk blog #7

Ok, admit it, you long ago gave up on the desk blog. You left it for dead. You didn't go writing a Special to the National Post about it, but you sensed it in your heart. But oh, my friend, you sensed prematurely. While most desk blogs dipped into inactivity or diverted into Matt Rader Christmas poems, Branch Magazine kept the dream (and its "Workspace" section) alive. And now, two full years since the last addition to the "Deskblogamania" series, here we are once again gathering together to celebrate the birth of a new desk blog: Open Book Toronto's At The Desk series!

Eight posts in, "At the Desk" has already featured a couple new twists on the standard desk photo - the "bed as desk" and the "writer's face as desk". That second one seems painful to me (especially when he talks about tacking photos and postcards above his "desk"), but to each their own. I'm excited to see what "At The Desk" come up with next!

ATD brings the total number of desk blogs to seven:

At The Desk

Yes, "At The Desk", "On My Desk", "Desk Space"... all very similar names... it's only a matter of time until we get a name repeat. I can't wait!

I hope to be back to report on Desk Blog #8 soon. Until then, keep dreaming of Davenports and ogling those escritoires, my fellow Deskblogamaniacs!

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