no fun city dot com

As regular silaron readers will have noted, I've stopped posting monthly lists of Vancouver lit events. Instead I've been focusing on my series of pre-YVR book launch interviews. I made the switch because the efforts by the BC Writer's Federation and Pandora's Collective to provide up to date event listings made what I was doing more-or-less redundant. Now nofuncity.com has come along and replaced that "more-or-less" with an "utterly".

Take a look at their site (they're on Facebook and Twitter as well) - it's pretty fantastic. They list events by day, with that day's events listed right up front for easy reading (you can also view their event postings in a monthly calendar, if that's your thang).

I'm not sure if the site title is the standard fuck-you to Vancouver's long-time moniker, or an acknowledgment of how boring so many lit readings are... personally, I'm fine either way so long as they keep the event listings coming.

Whoever you are, mysterious nofuncity.com web magicians, thank you!

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