desk blog #8!

Yes, I'm as shocked as you are. I've found another one, a mere four days after the last - and, as I'd speculated, it has a repeat name! And it's local, to boot!

I suspect it's been around for quite a while, and I have no idea how I've missed it so far: The Vancouver International Writers' Festival's "Writers' Rooms". We've got Hunter desks here, and Rader desks. And Coyote and Bachinsky and Chariandy and Gill and Wigmore and... well, a 26' U-Haul's worth of fantastic local desks. Do take a look!

Here are the eight desk blogs I've found to date:

At The Desk

Writers' Rooms (VIWF)

Ok, my new goal is to hit double digits by the end of 2012. Send me links if you find anything. Let's all work and make it happen, Deskblogmaniacs!

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Pearl said...

places to write: http://greensladevoyage2.blogspot.ca/