desk blog #9... one to go!

Oh goodness, I've almost met my goal of reaching ten desk blogs by the end of 2012... and it's only June! Still, I've had year-long dry spells before, so I won't get ahead of myself just yet.

#9 comes via a tip from Pearl Pirie (thanks, Pearl!). It's questionable if this blog, entitled "Good Places to Write", should be included on the list, as it highlights places where writers "get work done" (which so far have been whole buildings, not just the desks inside the buildings). But it's new, it's local, it has already featured the wonderful CanPo blogger and bird/book photographer Brenda Schmidt, and, most importantly, it gets me one desk blog closer to my goal, so I'm going to let it slide.

Here are the illustrious nine:

At The Desk

Writers' Rooms (VIWF)

Good Places to Write

Desk Blog #10, I know you're out there. Make yourself known!

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Thank you! Same to you!