Show your Support for Mayor Ford Poetry

Thinking about donating to the Indiegogo campaign to pay Rob Ford's legal fees? Stop right there! I know how desperately you want to participate in a crowd-sourced fundraising activity - you get to donate to a good project AND get some christmas shopping done at the same time - but my friend, do not stoop to such a level! Especially, when the CanPo world is offering you such good alternatives:

First off, we have the local campaign to get a limited-edition hand-bound book of Christopher Levenson's Vancouver poems into production:

The chapbook will be designed by New Leaf Editions, and will include etchings by Sigrid Albert. Swag for donating includes poems, broadsheets, copies of the book and printmaking lessons. The details of the project are explained in this here video:

Click here to donate to the project.

Second up is Zachariah Wells' campaign to get himself to France so he can be present for the operatic recital of four of his poems at the Opéra National in Paris.

Zach is opening up his storage closet o' swag for this one, with signed copies of all of his (and his wife, Rachel Lebowitz's) books up for grabs, along with CDs, postcards, broadsides and poetry manuscript consultations.

Click here to donate to this project.

Neither of these campaigns, of course, will help stop the bullying, so vote with your wallet - and your heart - this December.

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