Some Vancouver Launch Photos

Thank you to everyone who came out to my Vancouver launch for The News on Thursday night - I felt so honoured to be in your company, and especially to get to hear some great new (and old) work from Aislinn, Karen and Raoul.

Some photos are below. Thanks to Kevin Spenst, Danny Peart and Kat Louman-Gardner for taking these!

Raoul Fernandes opens the night.

Raoul, trying to settle the rowdy crowd, during his first ever hosting gig.

Aislinn Hunter, refusing to read about monkey brains.

Karen Solie, delivering her also monkey-brain free (though not bed bug free) set.

Raoul, opening the second half with his magical baby books and kind pizza man.

I took the stage, bringing with me my formidable shadow.



Lucas, stunned after coming out of hiding in the green room, with super-volunteer Rae!

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