The best/worst part of a book tour...

is coming home with more books than when you left. Five years back, on tour for The Other Side of Ourselves, I picked up an absurd 24 new books along the way.

This time around I was determined to restrain myself, and in my five-day tour I managed to buy only 12 new books. I know, right? I am a strong and capable man.

In keeping with the style of my last tour-book-haul post, here are the mighty twelve, with notes on their city of acquisition:

Digressions: Prose Poems, Collage Poems, and Sketches, Robyn Sarah (Montreal)

Slow States of Collapse, Ashley-Elizabeth Best (Montreal)

All The Gold Hurts My Mouth, Katherine Leyton (Picton)

The Last White House at the End of the Row of White Houses, Michael Casteels (Picton)

Model Disciple, Michael Prior (Montreal)

Forests of the Medieval World, Don Coles (Toronto)

The Prinzhorn Collection, Don Coles (Toronto)

What if red ran out, Katia Grubisic (Toronto)

A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent, Stuart Ross (Toronto)

How Festive the Ambulance, Kim Fu (Toronto)

Beautiful Country, Robert Wrigley (Toronto)

Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent, Liz Howard (Picton)

The tour itself was grand - it was really nice to reconnect with people I met on my first spin out east (or "out middle" as the transplanted Maritimers liked to point out), and to gain a number of new friends and readers.

AND I got to be part of not one but two reader collages (at the Resonance Reading Series in Montreal, and the Pivot Reading Series in Toronto):

Resonance Reading, w/ Margaret Christakos, Michael Prior,
Ashley-Elizabeth Best and Michelle Winters. 
Pivot Reading, w/ Stevie Howell, Leesa Dean and Erin Wunker.

Thanks to all who organized, attended, hosted, ferried, welcomed, etc. It was a wonderful, if blurry, five days!

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